Hi! I'm Lucas GOIFFON

Open to new opportunities in Artificial Intelligence.

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Web Security

Shodan {EPITECH} France (CTF)

The Shodan is an {Epitech}'s second year challenge, a national CTF event where I ended up top 5 France!

Local File Intrusion, SQL Injections, Remote File Inclusion, Authentication AES ECB and CBC, JWT... and so many other interesting topics!

C Programming

CoreWar (Assembler + Virtual Machine + Bonus)

This is the last project of the first year at {EPITECH}. Elected as "the best project of the 2018 school year at Marseille"!

CoreWar is a 1984 programming game in which two or more battle programs (called "warriors") compete for control of a virtual computer. These battle programs are written in an abstract assembly language called Redcode.

See on Github

VueJS Application

IBM Hackathon

Application created in less than 24 hours during a hackathon organized by IBM.

The idea was to create a personal assistant for students. My personal goal was to learn a language that I did not know: VueJS.

C Programming (+ nCurses Library)

Tetris Game

Just a simple Tetris Game who can read any game piece from simple text files.

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